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Change, whether in your company or your personal life, can only succeed if undertaken holistically. People who wish to bring about change should begin by looking at their values and verifying whether those values align with their goals.

Interpersonal and psychological factors also help determine success. As social creatures, we humans are designed to mutually support and inspire each other in our individual development. We can only develop our full potential by interacting with others.

values move – values move people and companies

For this reason, values move follows a holistic, values-based approach. Verena Mamsch and Wolfgang Stöven-Mamsch help people and companies “readjust their sails” – that is, question and change their routine values – to arrive at an attitude that promises success because it is authentic and coherent. An attitude that expresses itself in all of their change processes and integrates and motivates everyone involved.

We combine sound business know-how, comprehensive management skills, psychological knowledge and social competence to form holistic concepts. The synergies created by our individual skills and knowledge create the foundation for your success and ours.