Verena Mamsch


Verena Mamsch

I have more than 25 years of practical experience, mostly in human resources, and have worked at national and international corporations as well as at medium-sized enterprises. My focus has been on implementing and further developing personnel strategies, personnel development concepts, recruiting and personnel management.

Since 2003 I have been an independent coach specialising in executive development. I have supplemented the operational experience I have gained from diverse international tasks and human resources with valuable coaching skills and knowledge by participating in multiple advanced training courses featuring systematically validated processes.

When I select my methods, it is important to me to follow a holistic approach that is adapted to the specific situation. My starting point is always the individual and their unique personality. My clients decide what processes to use and when to use them – I provide ideas and inspiration.

I offer coaching for individuals and groups. I assist them in becoming more aware of, conveying and implementing corporate values, corporate culture and work processes as well as in team development. As an HR interim manager, mediator and facilitator, I take on tasks related to personnel development and organisational development.


As a fully licensed instructor I also offer application trainings for all tools marked with (*).